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Welcome to You Have My Sword: A Tolkien Podcast. YHMS is a comedic, historical deep dive on different topics from Tolkiens work spanning:

  • The Hobbit

  • Lord of the Rings

  • The Silmarillion

We'll talk about things like:

  • Númenóreans: Do Men Even Deserve Rights?

  • Tom Bombadil: Ultimate Wife Guy

  • Beren & Lúthien: A Better Love Story Than Twilight

  • YES, I'll tell you why the Eagles couldn't fly the fu*king ring to Mordor. Shut up.

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Your Host

The Hobbit was required reading in my 8th grade English class and before we finished it in class, I had already read through it twice at home. My teacher saw my enthusiasm and gifted me their personal Lord of the Rings collection, and by High School I was walking around with The Silmarillion atop a stack of EGM magazines like they were ancient texts. I was very popular.

Many years and many Tolkien tattoos later I'm starting this podcast in hopes you listen, fall in love and start a cult with me. Just kidding.



Unfortunately, I do not have a charming British accent that would lend well to the pronunciation of literally anything in Tolkiens universe, but I've got a sword which means I wear the Mithril around here. 


Your future cult leader,

Krysti Pryde 

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